Friday, December 09, 2005

Aslan is on the Move!

The long awaited first installment of Narnia opens today! Who's going? I'm not going to make it today, so leave some comments about what you thought. Can they really sustain this thing over seven years? It would a shame to see them make a couple and then quit.

Can I take my 8 year old Sage to see it? It would be a great one on one date. I know my brother is taking his 6 year old son, Kyle, but boys are different.

I read in World Magazine that the filmakers inserted a line at a crucial moment in the movie that wasn't in Lewis' original. The line was "It is finished!" Guy claims he didn't know the Biblical significance of that phrase. A happy providence!

Here's World's review!


Brian Wong said...

OK, I have an embarrassing story to tell. Last night, my roommates and I decided to go see the movie at Downtown Cinemas. My roommate thought that it was having a really late (or really early) showing at 2:15 AM Friday morning. So we decided to go down to the theater to buy tickets. When we got there, we discovered, much to my dismay, that they actually weren't showing it until 2:15 PM, which would have been just over 12 hours away. So we went home slightly dejected and yet resolved to see it eventually.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing it. I think the one thing that Chuck Colson mentioned in Breakpoint was that the director failed to capture the awe that Aslan inspired in the book. I guess we'll see how it turns out.

Jeff Martin said...

I rarely get too excited about movies but this perks me up a bit. I too would like to take my daughter and plan to wait for some feedback. We've had the old school british version that my daughter loves. I checked the trailer and this looks awesome. We will see. This reminds me of the Hobbit series over the past several years. I was on the edge of the seat for each one and they did not dissapoint the audience in my opinion. Seven years is a task though...

Hope you get to enjoy the movie Tim.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Just got back from seeing the was good, and pretty close to the book...although I agree that Aslan didn't seem to capture the "magificent and terrifying" essence we get in the book, although the graphics are awesome. There isn't any blood or gore in the movie, although there is a battle scene, which can scare small ones...although nothing close to the LOTR battles (thank goodness!). It was a good movie, but I don't know where to point to it, but there was something missing...can't place it, but it didn't quite hit the far as taking Sage, it really depends on the individual kid. It's not too scary, but there are suspenseful moments. Can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks!

Brian Wong said...

OH MAN! That was one of the greatest movies I've seen in a long, long time. I ended up going to see it Friday afternoon at 2:15 PM. Then on Saturday I had some other friends who really wanted to see it as well. So I went back again. It was great. The CG is excellent. It really closely follows the book. It captures the scenes almost exactly as I would have seen them.

The White Witch is certainly a sinister figure. I thought they did an excellent job of portraying Aslan. He looked so real, but I do confess that he probably could have inspired more awe in me. I think they seemed to err on the side of meekness rather than ferocity.

Sorry I can't make a recommendation about taking Sage. I don't know what is appropriate for 8-year-olds any more. Like Jeannett said, there is a battle scene. Lots of fighting and dying.

Regardless, I loved the movie, and would recommend it to just about anyone.

Andy Gibson said...

There are a couple of jumpy moments (they had me out of my seat, and Jeannett too), but nothing too terrible. As J said, the battle scenes dont' come close to LOTR or anything gory, but there are some blatant hits and body slams (and the sound to go with them).

I think Sage would be fine. There was a group of kids in front of us (I think a church group) and they couldn't have been older than 7-8 and they had a blast during the whole movie.

It was good, but I agree, there was something missing. Along with what brian said, they definately sided on the meekness side rather than sheer strength and power you get from Aslan in the book.

IMOP, the white witch (Tilda Swinton) was the best actor (actress) in the movie. She was awesome in the dark, cold, and deceptive.

My $.02.