Monday, September 26, 2005

9/26/05 Monday Musings

• Yesterday was a great first 3 service Sunday, the climax of a long change-managagement process. I heard very little grumbling and everybody seemed to like it and were on board. We had about 800 between the three services which is nearly 100 more than our avaerage last Spring. Most of the increase were new college students, but there were several other new families as well. It was great to hear the choir again after their summer break. Nice to see some new faces up there. Adult Bible Fellowship Leaders reported new folks and faces in their classes. We had a great "College Pizza in the Park," with an estimated 150 out there. My voice is a bit hoarse today after preaching 3 and then shouting at the park. I'll get used to it! The morning moves really fast. I was exhausted but so wired I couldn't sleep during my nap. What was your experience yesterday? Any thoughts or feedback?

• We've been overwhelmed by the love and care shown to our family by the people of Grace during this season of our family's growth. How do folks who are not connected to a church family do it? I do not know. Two weeks of meals every other night is just so helpful. Susie felt warmly loved at her shower yesterday. May it not just be the pastor's family who is cared for in this way.

• Haaken was circumcised this morning by Dr. Bravo. It was man-time thing. Susie stayed in the waiting room, while I went in and held his hand and talked to him. It definitely hurt him more than it hurt me! Bravo and I talked theology a bit.. . . . under the Old Covenant, circumcision was meant to be an outward sign of an inward reality. . . circumcision of the heart. I hope and pray that my son's heart is cut (broken) before God!

• While at Bravo's office, one of the receptionists whom I had never met before said out of the blue, "I feel like I know you from reading your blog. I go to Calvary SLO, where Bryan Stupar pastors." I thought that was so cool that folks from Grace who read Life Together click over to Bryan's blog and vice versa. There is one Lord, one faith, one Church, one God and Father of all. Got to keep blogging.

• We are still trying to rebalance now that Haaken has joined the family. We definitely haven't figured it all out yet, but, so far, the transition from 3 to 4 has been way easier than the transition from 2 to 3. The kids are just loving him. I am trying to embrace the season and accept the chaos. Once again I am reminded of what a control freak I am. I am about ready to make my own doctor's appointment. The next one will have to be adopted.


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Anonymous said...

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Brian Wong said...

Looks to me like we've got some blog spammers on the site. I thought the move to three services was well executed. I enjoyed going to "big church" before going to college group yesterday.

I was totally stoked that we had so many people both in College group and at the park afterwards. All three messages given yesterday--yours at second service, Pastor Steve's at third service, and both of you in the park--were great starts to a great year ahead.

Keep up the great work!

Andy Gibson said...

Yep, more spam...nice.

And yes, Tim, the transition to three services was awesome.

Jeff Martin said...

Grace Church did not skip a beat with the change. The sermon was wonderful, the message potent, and the choir was a great start to the fall season. Very grateful to the pastoral staff and elders vision for this change.

Need to share something. A friend/co-worker (McBryde Family) and his family have been visiting Grace over several weeks. This dear friend is exploring Christianity and is continuing to engage with Grace Church. I've had the pleasure to witness warmth and real reception from many Grace families and individuals. A big thanks to Grace Church for this welcome to newcomers.

Importantly, my friend (TJ) mentioned that the pastors message was "speaking to him". While at first this comment seemed all too common, it was far more significant. A self professed "on the fence with Christianity" type engaging and identifying with the significance of the Gospel. I witnessed happiness, enthusiasm, and a genuine relief in TJ following our worship.

The Gospel is powerful, inviting, and and quite frankly a huge relief for us all.