Monday, September 19, 2005

Who is that Wacky Guy?

Sunday's 2005 Fall Kick-Off at Mitchell Park was such fun. Someone spotted this nut slippin' & slidin'. I thought that thing was for kids?

Here are a few of my "take-aways" and I would love to hear yours. . . .

• Awesome to see the body of Christ at Grace work together as team! Our staff did a great job equipping the body for the work of ministry ala Eph. 4.

• The service was well organized and well timed. I can't believe we ran out of welcome bags! A good problem. Lots and lots of visitors. I hope you took the initiative to meet and welcome a few.

• Pastor Steve and the College Leadership did a good job getting the word out and inviting college students. Did you hear them shout? I understand they handed out 1000+ flyers at the WOW Week SLO Bound on Tuesday. The next three Sundays we'll be extending our welcome to college students with "Pizza in the Park." Be praying some stick around with us!

• Food was fantastic as usual thanks to Dede Leece and her amazing team. The House of Prayer BBQ team was responsible for the tasty chicken.

• Raffle was a big hit. Thanks to Jon & Noonie Fugler from K-Life for MCing all day. Tammy Riley rounded up all those prizes. Everybody wants an iPod. Thanks to Shane Williams, owner of the Mac Superstore and Grace congregant for donating the Grand Prize. If you didn't win it, go buy one!

• Kajabe Can-Can is an attention getter. Stand by and watch people get rocked. Next year, Ken is plotting a Pastor's Round. Yikes.

What was your experience yesterday? Positives? Negatives? Should we do it again next year?


Erika McGuire said...

My very favorite memory of church from my childhood were the 4th of July Picnics each year that our church would host. I think one reason I enjoyed them so much was that it was a casual setting that involved people of all ages. The picnics also reinforced what you said on Sunday so well, that the "church" is the people in the building not the building itself.

I think the Fall Kick Off is a great time for the church to enjoy together and great for welcoming people who don't usually attend (perfect for college students looking for a church). I definately hope this is an event we can look forward to in the future.

Christal said...

Dunking pastor Steve in the dunk tank was definitely a highlight! :o) Yay for all the college students!!!

Lisa said...

The Fall Kick off is a great way for us to connect with the community. I think Pastor Tim's message was terrific and explained the purpose of "doing church". All in all I believe the Body of Christ at Grace showed love to those we came in contact with; isn't this part of our purpose of "doing church"? Keep up the good work all you wonderful staff folks in the offices; keep shepherding us are loved and prayed for!

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Brian Wong said...

I love it! Where else will you find a church where the senior pastor will give the sermon in flip flops in the morning, take a dash down the slip-and-slide clad in his board shorts in the afternoon, and give his next sermon in a suit and tie the following week?

This is why it's great to be a part of the body at Grace.

Josh Ernstrom said...

I'm with Erika. As one who grew up in the church this really reminded me of the Fourth of July Picnics...only without the giant water fight that always ensued! And about Ken setting up an all pastor round next year in Kajabe...sounds great, but someone's going to have to distract Judi, cause there's no way she'll let Ken do that again!!! And for those of you that missed it, Ken won the adult round, beating out more than a few of his younger Jr High and High School Staff!!!

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