Thursday, July 20, 2006

Social Justice Surprise

As we think about how we at Grace move forward with our community ministries, our leadership is having some great conversations.

In our ministry to and among the poor of our community, we would like to move forward in a holistic way, realizing our ministry must take a bi-level form. At one level, we need to hand out "fish" to those in need and those who ask, but, at another level, I also have a vision to see
Grace be involved in helping folks "learn to fish" for themselves so that they can become economically self-supporting. This is much easier said than done.

Here's an interesting article from Christianity Today dealing with the subject and challenging a common misconception . . .

Social Justice Surprise

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GDL Wong said...


Too much spirit, not enough Word - you blow up.
Too much word, not enough Spirit - you dry up.

It is challenging. Balance.

Man is spiritual, but he is also physical, mental, emotional and intellectual. How can we help individuals be set-up for success? It's naive to think if you feed a person and they come to know the Lord that conversion erases the pain of a their history, or gives them a Ivy League education to 'fish'.

Same with evangelism sometimes. It's naive to think preaching the gospel, and seeing salvation is enough. Salvation doesn't come with a package to erase seeing your mom on drugs, your gang friends who desires to pull you in, the self examination that you only completed a 6th grade education. For the Christain, we feel good we did good, but the fact is the odds are stacked against those we minister too.

I think it requires discipleship and mentorship as Christ said, Go out and make disciples.

Christian housing / training centers are the closest models churches can embrace maybe??