Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Here's a great "Flat World" perspective article on what God's doing in China . . . from World Magazine, of course . . .


Exciting stuff. We have at least one college student there right now.

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Missy Grant said...

This is a great article, Tim. My sister spent time in China on a missions trip this past Spring. Everything mentioned in this article is true from her experience as well. The group she was with was specifically targeting college age chinese and relational evangelism. It is in this age, specifically, that God is moving.

She had three very interesting experiences while in China. One is the experience of 'House Churches'. Yes, security is an issue and one has to be careful, but they are thriving and are bold in their faith. Second, she was talking with a woman college student who was very interested in Christianity and seemed on the cusp of making a decision for the Lord. She looked at my sister and said, "Do you know the movie Brokeback Mountain?" My sister replied she had not seen it but was very familiar with it. The gal then said, "did those two men really love each other? And if so, isn't that sin? And how would your Jesus deal with that?" WOW. Can you imagine the conversation they then had. Who knew half way around the FLAT world that this type of movie moved someone to Christ! Third, she was explaining to me that people were usually in two groups, Buddhist or 'Support the Party (goverment). She was talking with one student who had NEVER heard of Christ. EVER! My sister was overwhelmed with honor at being able to tell someone about Christ literally for the first time. As americans we just don't understand that honor.

Anyway....good stuff happening. Thanks for the link to the article. It makes me ask, how bold are we for our Christ?