Monday, March 19, 2007

building blocks of relationships

Did you happen to catch this meditation just above the Order of Service in yesterday's worship folder? We'll start using this space for some ideas and thoughts to help move us toward worship. I've been thinking much about worship, stimulated much by John D. Witvliet's book. “The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship." I'm considering a summer series on the Psalms. We'll see where the Lord leads.

I love you. . . . I’m sorry . . . Thank you . . . Help . . .
Words like these are the building blocks of healthy relationships.
Every close relationship depends on them.
When they are left unpracticed, marriages fail and friendships disintegrate.
Faithful speech is also central to the Christian life. . . The God of the Bible is not just interested in being contemplated or appeased. This God is interested in the give and take of faithful life together, with good communication right at the center of it . . . One of the ways we learn good communication habits with God is by participating in public worship. When we gather for worship, the church invites us to join together to say to God, “We love you. We’re sorry. Come again—we’re listening. Help. Thank you. I will serve you.”

--John D. Witvliet, “The Biblical Psalms in Christian Worship”
Do you think about the words you speak and sing when you worship or do you just mindlessly recite them?

How focused or distracted are you when you worship? Do you feel like you're present or somewhere else?

Is worship a consumer experience for you? Where you're coming to get what you need? Or are you coming to communicate with God and give who you are?

Do you find yourself critical of what's happening up front or of others around you? Do you see those up front as facilitators of worship or performers?

What is your experience of worship? How much do you prepare for it and work on your worship?

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