Monday, March 05, 2007

sad state of marriage

Have you listened to the Friesen audio yet on marriage? If not, why not?

What are you doing to invest yourself in this most important relationship? If you're not yet married, but hope to be someday, what are you doing to prepare yourself for this most important relationship?

Here's an article documenting the sad state and direction of marriage in this country . . .

Let's keep bucking the trend by celebrating the beauty of God's design and purpose in marriage.

HT: Jeannett Gibson


Anonymous said...

I'm not married yet -- but I've listened to a lot of different sermons on the subject of marriage... My parents are still married, but arn't Christians. Although sermons are great, sometimes I just need to see a model right in front of me. When I look at a Christian couple, I ask myself --"What does it look like to submit in everday hum-drum life? What does it look like to lead in daily run-of-the-mill rutines?" At church it is a little hard to tell how couples really interact -- since there is always a sort of facade that goes on. But, I'm trying to surround myself with married couples in different settings so I can just soak in how they act toward one another (noting the good and the bad).

Jim Jeffrey said...

Another good resource is the ongoing sermon series on marriage currently being preached by John Piper at Bethlehem Baptist Church in Minneapolis, MN. He's preached 5 sermons so far, and there are hugely helpful! My wife and I are listening to them together weekly. You can access them at the following website: