Monday, May 21, 2007

Music Musings

I stumbled across this neat video in my YouTube exploring. . . . I think I recognized at least a couple Grace kids in here. . . Lauren MacGregor and Sarah Garcia.

As someone who had no musical training growing up, but who loves music, I love it that our community is still fighting for music education in the public schools.

Susie and I have been thinking again about the power of classical music in the life of our family after listening to this very thought provoking and captivating lecture by Andrew Pudewa:

Perhaps this is a topic you haven't thought much about. This lecture is definitely worth a listen. Make some time for it.

Finally, if these resources grab you and you want to take some action, I wanted to make sure you parents knew that our own Tanya Streder, wife of our Worship Pastor Al, is now taking students for violin instruction. Tanya and Al are very involved in the classical music scene here on the Central Coast. I know of one second grader in our church family that is greatly enjoying her new lessons with Tanya.

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Robbin said...

I wish I would have taken more time with music, but my love was and is sports. It wasn't till I came to Grace and joined Sounds of Grace that I really enjoyed music and singing. Maybe, for me, it was Who I was singing to and for. But I'm sad to see how much music has been pushed out of the schools, too. My daugher was learning flute till they had to change practice to 7am; I didn't even get up at that time. I love that Al and Tanya are so involved and love what they do.