Monday, May 28, 2007


Did you see this article about the local couple pregnant with quadruplets in Sunday's Tribune? 05/27/2007 A, B, C, D. . . gee!

I had a chance to meet them as they visited our church yesterday, the same day of the article. How cool is that?

Don Maas, one of our faithful ushers brought them to me to introduce them, as he often does. I said, "You were the couple on the front page of paper this morning." They said, "That's us."

How cool is that?

The article says they just moved to SLO. If they choose to make Grace their church home, we will have a wonderful opportunity to affirm the sanctity of life and also reach out and love this family and their 4 new little girls.

These are crucial days . . . be praying for Isaac, Carmen, big sister, Leonor, and baby girls, A, B, C and D!

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