Monday, September 17, 2007

Fall Kick-Off Pics Now Posted

Lots of Fall Kick-Off pics are now posted HERE.

It was a great day of welcome, worship and fellowship. Lots and lots of visitors. Food was great. Climbing wall and jousting were a hit. Everybody loves snowcones.

God was exalted. The community was welcomed. We served together.

How about sharing what you enjoyed and what you thought could be improved.

If you're inclined to offer more substantial feedback, we'd love to hear it. You can download a feedback form here. . .


Anonymous said...

The Fall Kick Off was amazing. It was a tremendous time of fellowship and giving God glory. I was impressed at the organization and program. I believe visitors came away knowing Grace is a church for all types of people.Pastor Tim's message of getting involved in a church and because he did not push Grace church as the ONLY church was well received.

However, (don't you hate those "but"s and "however"s?) I felt uncomfortable with taking an offering. The church regulars could always send in their offering or add it to the following weeks offering. I felt we were not only kicking off our program but extending ourselves to the community. I do not believe this setting was appropriate to collect an offering.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Great comment, Anon. We talked about this at our staff meeting today under the heading "Things we need to take a look at..." for next year.

My own preference: a written announcment and announcement before the offering to this effect...

"If you are guest with us today, please do not feel pressure to give to our offering. Our offering today is part of worship together for those who are committed to Grace."

I think something like this does 3 things:

1. It clears the air for visitors.

2. It explains our commitment to worhip and mentions giving as a form of worship. This is instructional.

3. It maintains our pattern and practice of worship.

Anonymous said...

Great theme for the community at large---
What is the Church?
I suggest words like "enmity" and "substitutionary death" may be too complex and theological for an open message to the community.
Something to think about.
Otherwise darn near perfect combination.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

Yea, Anon, I grapple with this stuff every Sunday. I agonize over what to do in the park. I refuse to dumb it down even out there. Enmity was not my word but the NAS translated word. My work around was to call it "conflict."
"substitutionary death", I think the concept was explained in the larger context.

I appreciate the heads up and want you to know I think long and hard about these things. I may not do it right every time, but its on my mind.

Thanks for listening so closely. I do appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

The pressure to get these sermons "right' must be terrific. My opinion is, if you have prayed for guidance from the Holy Spirit and have been attentive to the church needs God provides the answer. There are times I feel everyone must be looking at me, because you are speaking right to my heart. One sermon, not yours Tim, had the theme no matter what you do you will never get more than 24 hours in a day. Trust me, all eyes and whispers were on me.

God brings every person to a conference or church service for a unique reason. We aren't aware of what those reasons are.

Not all sermons will speak to everyone. Some of us need to focus on the big peicture. I am not saying the above comments were not appropriate. I am saying I believe, Tim, you listen to our comments and take those to heart. God also uses the church to guide you and make you aware of how your sermons are received. This constructive criticism makes you learn as well.

By the way I am the first anon. So I too had an opinion about Fall Kick Off