Thursday, September 13, 2007

Lance Video from Germany

My goodness, the world is a small place and God is so good. Turns out Matt & Jean Kokkonen were in Germany visiting their daughter, Jana, and husband, Patrick. Jana happens to be an ER doc in the very hospital where Lance is. So Matt is there and their hanging out with Lance and they fire up the video camera, post a little video on a .Mac sight. We get the link, download it and then upload it to YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

So good to see that boy's smile and hear his voice. Makes me miss him more.

So here's the introduction and below is the video. . . .Why don't you upload your own video response to the video for Lance over at the YouTube sight? He would be so encouraged!

Dear Dori and family,

You don't know me, though you know my in laws - the Kokkonens. As
you are aware, my wife and family and I are stationed over here at
Landstuhl - where my wife Jana is an ER doctor. Anyway, we have had
the great privilege to meet your son and to try to be an
encouragement to him and his troops in the aftermath of their tragic
week. Lance, as I have heard time and again during the past 24
hours, actually encouraged us more than I think we did him. He is a
special guy, and we know that the Lord directed our paths to
intersect out here.

I took the liberty of asking Lance if I could video a message home to
you for him - and he was excited about the idea. We also took some
more photos - so that you can see that your son is doing okay. . . . We just hope
that you are blessed by our efforts to see your son face to face
before you are able to be there in person.

May God bless you all, and Jana and I look forward to seeing Lance
again one of these days in SLO.


Patrick Reed (for Jana, our daughters Lucy and Anja, and Matt and
Jean Kokkonen)


Jeannett Gibson said...

Absolutely amazing. God is so good.

jeff martin said...

Absolutely right.

These boys are my real heroes...!

Thank you Lunker family for raising such a fine young man.

God Bless you all.