Monday, December 03, 2007

Andree Seu

Longtime readers know that I'm pretty fond of World Magazine. One of Susie and my favorite writers is Andree Seu. (I'm not sure I know how to pronounce her first or last name!) If I don't have time to read a given week's World from cover to cover, I am always sure to at least read Andree's column, usually at the back. She's published two little collections of her essays that I gave to Susie for Mother's Day last year.

(I think that Andree would be a great Women's Conference speaker, if anyone is listening!)

I have posted a few things here, but World Mag is a bit stingy (Give It Away is one of our family mottos!) and only makes their mag content available online for subscribers. I have tried to discover their policy on blog posting and even emailed the company once, but haven't received a response. To be on the safe side, I've opted not to post World stuff here.

But to be my great delight, I just discovered World on the Web, a web resource completely separate from World Mag, where Andree writes almost daily.

(Of course, they won't let me subscribe to just her stuff. If I try to subscribe to the feed, I get the whole World on the Web feed and even then they only give me snippets, so that I have to click to the go to the website. I totally get why they do this. . . to drive traffic to the site . . . but it's almost as lame as charging for content. Does this bother anybody else as much as it bothers me? . . . I'm ranting . . . it must be a Monday!)

Anyway, today's post is great, as usual, about getting lost and pulling over and accidentally noticing a tree off the road.

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Suzette said...

A little late I know, but I clicked on the link for World on the Web today(Jan 8)and I ended up reading a different article by Lynn Vincent about men experiencing post-abortion trauma. It was linked to an LA Times article from Jan 7 2008 on the same topic.

How come we never see stuff like that in The Tribune. It was really great.

I did get to read some of Andree Seu's other articles and she would be a great speaker. I'm not sure how you would book her or how expensive it would be(maybe you can increase the budget for this). But it would be exceptional.