Thursday, November 29, 2007

Saturday Work Day

In case you don't get the emails or they go to junk, here's the email sent about Saturday's Moving/Work Day. . .

Beloved Family of Grace,

Just a super quick reminder about our Moving/Work Day happening this Saturday, December 1st from 9:00 to noon. I hope you can swing by and pitch in as we lean forward into the renewal of what has historically been called The Annex and will, going forward be called the Early Childhood Center and Founder's Hall. It's finally happening and we want you to see it and feel it! It's going to be great fun to work together and sweat together! Dave McCoy is suggesting a list of things you might like to bring along on Saturday. Flat nose shovel, hammer, flat bar, wrecking bar, wheel barrow, gloves, goggles, push broom, and the legendary…. thingamajigger!

Saturday will prepare us for Sunday, when all of our downstairs classrooms in the Annex will shift over to the Christian Education Building. You should have received a list of room changes in a letter from Dori. The next couple of Sunday mornings there will be a Children's Ministry Welcome Team that will help you find your classrooms.

This is going to be a season that requires flexibility and team work from all of us. But remember, it's a small sacrifice in the present for the blessing of renewed facilities and better circulation for the future.

Thanks for your part here at Grace and we'll see you Saturday morning!

Because of and for the Gospel. . . . Pastor Tim

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