Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vital Information for the Grace Family

Beloved Family of Grace,

Two quick things on this Wednesday night. . .

1. Thanksgathering Dinner this Sunday Evening at 6:00 PM. Always an awesome evening unlike any other evening throughout the year. A great way to step from the porch into the living room. Right now we are sitting at right around 250 people. It's not too late to sign up, but we need to hear from you so we can plan accordingly. If you're planning on joining us, respond RIGHT NOW and let us know the number in your party and if you can bring soup. Karen Weaver, our amazing ACE Lead offers the following suggestion if you are bringing soup: wrap your pot in bath towels, and place the pot in a card board box in your car. The towels will help absorb spills as well as keep the soup warm. The cardboard box helps contain things while driving to the dinner.

2. Lance Iunker is coming home tomorrow at 12:00 PM tomorrow. Not real convenient, but if you can get there, we'll see you there. See Dori's email below for all the details . . .

Finally we have a flight time!!!
Thank you for being patient with Lance's arrival time but I might just say "Welcome to the Army!" Lance is scheduled to arrive at the airport at 12:00 noon tomorrow the 15th. The police and fire department will surprise him and escort him home to Columbine Ct. where any and all of you are welcome to join in! You can bring banners and American Flags and line Columbine Ct. and Poinsettia street! I am sure Lance will be overwhelmed and honored!
I know that this daytime flight does not work for many of you because of work and school but the Army originally had him booked for just before midnight so this was the only other option! Also, the back up plan is that if the 12:00 noon flight is canceled or delayed he will be on a 9:50 pm flight. I hope for his sake he makes all the connections!

Kathy Smith wanted me to pass on the following information (it applies mostly to an evening homecoming but does have great flag information):
We're hoping people can round up as many of the larger flags (the kind you put out in front of your home on patriotic holidays), as possible, and hold them while shining their flashlight on them, so that when Lance rides by they will be easily seen at night. Also, if you remember, an American flag is not suppose to be flown at night without a light on it. We are working on getting additional lighting along the street, but we still want to really stress the need for everyone to bring flashlights. Also for those making banners or signs it would be best if they had a flashlight to shine on it as well. Even with the additional lighting in the cul-de-sac area and on Columbine, I believe, with the numbers coming, that the parade route will stretch much farther down Columbine and onto Poinsettia toward Tank Farm, so individual flashlights will be needed. After the procession passes, please follow slowly behind them, so we can all meet in front of the Iunker's/in the cul-de-sac.
For those who asked about buying flags.... I checked around and you can buy large American flags at Home Depot (in the Garden dept.), Pacific Home and Garden, and at American Flag and Gift, located in Grover Beach at 1101-B Highland Way, 473-0395. The American flag store has all sizes of flags for those who might want to spend less and get something smaller. You can see their selection of flags at their website, and then take the link for American flag and gift. They stock everything in their store that you see on their website. Their location is not far from Ron's Nursery, but you might want to call for directions.

Okay, that should be it for now. If you have any other homecoming questions you can contact Kathy Smith at 543-4771 or
God Bless!

Because of and for the Gospel. . . . Pastor Tim

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