Monday, November 05, 2007

don't warm the bench

In yesterday's message, we looked at Grace Gifts from I Peter 4:10-11. I can't wait to get my hands on all those "Get in the Game" feedback forms.

In an attempt to demystify the whole area of Grace Gifts, I recommended these three practical steps to begin the life-long process of discovering yours:

  1. Go to and take a free 100 question survey.

  2. Ask the Lord and ask others.

  3. Get in the Game and serve in a position that interests you. (Where do you feel joy and where do you see fruit?)
I'm curious if any of you went and took the online survey? If not yet, go for it and share your results right here at Life Together.

By the way, I'm willing to field a few questions about the Grace Gifts here if you want to toss them out in a comment.


Eric said...

I took the "test". It reminded me of a psych-profile and was in-line with what I expected with a couple hmmmms for fun. The question is how do people figure out a place to serve that would best suit there gifts?

Jacquelyn said...

When I took the test I was really surprised by what they said my gifts were and like eric, I'm going to have to think this through a little. At least this test was more encouraging than my highschool vocations test that said I should aspire to be a co-pilot!

Missy Grant said...

Hi Tim - I took the survey as well. It matched up with what I knew to be my spiritual gifts. That was encouraging. I agree with Erik's comments on the challenge of connecting the gift with the need which then equals blessing. I spoke to a friend who has many gifts, but was wondering where to serve with her gift of discernment. I gave a lot of feedback, but one of the things I like about the survey is that it gives you a bunch of possible ways to apply your gifts. It would be great to have a follow-up teaching sometime on where specific gifts can be used. Thanks for the encouragement.

Pastor Tim Theule said...

In answer to the question, "how do I match my gifts with an area of service?"...

1. Be patient, take your time and realize this is a process.

2. Try your hand at different positions that you think might utilize your gifts. Make a year commitment to try this particular thing. If its not a fit, move on and try something else.

3. Come and talk to one of our ministry staff about areas of ministry that might be a fit for you. We love these kind of appointments.

What other questions have you got?

Jacquelyn said...

A couple of years ago I was asked to temporarily fill a vacancy in a specific ministry. I did a horrible job at it and realized that I was gifted elsewhere. I think the Holy Spirit confirms when we are in the right place by blessing our ministry with joy and delight at "getting" to do what He has designed us to do. I just love the ministries that I am involved in now but the only reason I am where I am is because I sat down and had a 3 hr conversation with someone from the ministry staff. Thanks Debbie!

Ben Collins said...

loved the message, ken and i are requiring it for our staff who missed it to hear. Hopefully for any oncoming future staff. Such a clear perspective. Praise God!