Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Adopt a College Student

Kate has recently blogged in her post The Potter's Clay: Adopt about the Hasson's experience in adopting a college student . . .

Adopt a college student!

We signed up a couple months ago at church to do the Adopt a College Student outreach and tonight we had our first dinner with our new family member. Sheila is her name and she is wonderful! I had kinda gone into this thinking that we'd be able to bless a student and give them a home away from home, but in this case I think it is more like us who is getting the blessing. Suzannah and Charlotte were extatic to have her over; really, when she arrived it was more like a movie star walked into our home than just a student. We had a wonderful time getting to know her and play games. Her boyfriend, Matt, who also goes to Grace came over too, and we had a great time together. I really enjoyed having them over. It was different because we are usually used to just having our peers over for dinner and being comfortable talking about the things in our stage of life. But tonight it was sweet to talk about their doings and their plans for the future and just be interested in their young lives. Sheila and I got along well and I love her sweet heart. I am blessed by doing this, our girls are tremendously, and I hope that Sheila will be too. (Plus, she said that she'd love to babysit anytime! :) )

Faithful Greg Johnson heads up this invaluable ministry and the word is that there are still a few college students in need of adoption. I think there have been over 30 college students who have been adopted so far this Fall and that number is growing. P. Steve shared in staff meeting this week (God@Work) that the college students are talking about their great experience and so more and more are saying they want to be adopted. . . its contagious.

What's it take? The only requirement is to spend time with your college student once a month or more. . . take them to lunch or have them over.

Here is one more great way for us to be practicing all this church stuff we've been learning this Fall . . . Let's live the Gospel.

To adopt your college student, contact Greg at

Hey, all you college student "Life Together" readers, why don't leave some comments about your experience as adoptees to "stimulate others to love and good deeds!" Let us know that you're out there and that this thing is meaningful to you.


Cari said...

Though I was never officially "adopted" through the adopt a college student program, I was "unofficially adopted" by a couple different families from Grace while I was at Cal Poly. It was wonderful to have the chance to get away from the college life and to be a part of a family. I graduated in June, but I have kept in touch with these families and have been back to visit a couple times. Each time, I get just as excited to catch up with them as I do to get to see friends. I loved having a family in SLO and would recommend the adopt a college student program to everyone!

Arijaan Bulk said...

I LOVE my "adopt a college student" family. . Ruth and Elmer Smith are so wonderful and it has been a joy to live life with them the past four years. It is so encouraging to see them walk closely with the Lord and model what it looks like to do so at all ages and stages of life. They have been one of the most supportive couples in my life and have truly spurred me on, numerous times, to love and good deeds. I could go on and on . . . I am so blessed to have been a part of this program as a college student. . .and as a grad! Thanks to all those who have adopted and I'm praying that many more will!

Ben Collins said...

gotta say, matt e was our families first adoptee and it has been such a blessing to our family getting to know not only matt but all of his room mates as well. I TOTALLY support and believe in this!