Monday, October 15, 2007

Grace Trifecta

In the lastest issue of the Chamber of Commerce Newsletter, I noticed three pics of Grace folks who have recently started new businesses or who's businesses have just joined the Chamber. If you look closely at the pics, you will notice even more folks who call Grace home. It's encouraging to me to see our folks getting actively involved in the community. I pray for them as the represent Christ even as they try to run and grow their businesses . . . May they seek the welfare of the city and the glory of Christ even as they serve their customers/clients and stive to put food on their tables.

Brenda Ramler and her business: Birth and Baby Resource Network

Peter & Amy Kardel and their business: Clever Ducks Computer Network Services

Chad Theule and Sean Cheney and their business: One Source Home Solutions

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Emotainment said...

That's a fantastic story. I've been reading so much about closings in SLO that it's really nice to hear a story about new beginnings every now and then.

Aaron Emerson
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