Friday, October 19, 2007

What's Happening in Adult Bible Fellowships?

Adult Bible Fellowships are essentially Sunday School Classes for adults. But we desire them to be so much more than "classes." We want to them to be "Fellowships" and all that that implies. It appears to be working. . .

I lifted this encouraging bit from Pastor Steve's Weekly Email Update to our Adult Bible Fellowship Leaders.

This has been an exciting Fall Quarter in our ABF Ministry. As you know we often answer the question “Where is God @ Work @ Grace?” when our staff gathers each week. I find myself regularly sharing about Adult Bible Fellowships of late. Let me encourage you with some examples:

  • We have seen successful leadership transitions in Heritage Builders from Ted Malley to Jeff Mundorf, Tim Nugent and Ted.

  • In light of Leon’s sabbatical, Tim Arlen has stepped into the lead role in Harvesters and has been gathering a team of others who are serving in areas of prayer, welcome, socials and more.

  • Harvesters has launched our first ever ABF-based Growth Group and we are hearing great reports that this is greatly facilitating deeper relationships. We anticpate a couple more from Harvesters for the Winter Quarter.

  • 2:42 began the Fall with a contacting blitz to reconnect with folks scattered during the summer. They followed this with a picnic in Mitchell Park after church a couple weeks ago allowing families (most of whom live outside SLO) to get to know each other better in a casual environment.

  • Heritage Builders hosted a “Back to School BBQ” a couple weeks ago and began reconnecting with each other.

  • I hear reports that Living Stones has grown to standing room only and is busting at the seams of their room on Sunday mornings.

  • Bereans, Harvesters, Heritage Builders and 2:42 all began new series this Fall including Hebrews, James, What Jesus Demands form the World and Daniel.

  • Numbers of personal stories of folks finding a significant place of connecting and belonging in our ABF Ministry.
Are you a "two service" family yet? Perhaps this is the next step into Grace for you. Our vision is that you'd worship together as a family in one of our 3 worship services, but then also enjoy some age-segregated fellowship and instruction in our outstanding Sunday School program for kids and our Adult Bible Fellowships.

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