Monday, October 08, 2007

Jaclyn listening in France

Always nice to get an email like this on Saturday, when I am spiritually preparing for another Sunday . . .

Hi Pastor Tim,

I just wanted to say thank you for posting the sermons on-line! I am in France for a year, and I've loved listening to your sermons on-line. It is such a blessing and I wanted to say thank you!

I graduated from Cal Poly in June. I majored in Spanish, French, and Linguistics. I knew after graduating that I wanted to spend a year abroad and after much pondering, I decided to go to France as an assistant language teacher. I'm working with different schools in English classes.

I went to Grace Church all four years of college. I was involved in the college group for a while and then found my nitch helping out in the Junior High youth group. I was also in Noonie Fugler's growth group during my four years. I definitely consider Grace my home church and I have to say that I miss the fellowship there quite a bit.

God has been so faithful to me here though and I am continually amazed! I found a church here that I'm going to and it has a young adult group. While it is hard to understand the sermons, worshiping God in another language is amazing. Not completely understanding the sermons is one reason why I'm listening to your sermons online. Also, it is wonderful to learn about the "People of God". God is so much bigger than the US, SLO, English, etc... I'm here in France experiencing fellowship with God's people here.

I have a blog if you're interested in my adventures:

Jaclyn Lude

I've added Jaclyn's blog to my list on the right. Check it out. There are some killer pics of the town she's staying in.

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Carrie Haughey said...

Thanks for posting that!!! I miss that girl! We were in Noonie's growth group together....