Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tim Borland is going to pull it off!

Some of you will remember Tim Borland's BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL to run 63 marathons in 63 days for the Lord and to raise money for A-T, a rare degenerative disease that affects some children.

He is going to pull it off! For some inspiration on this Tuesday, check out this video of marathon 55. . .

To follow Tim's video blog as he comes down to the end at the New York City Marathon, go to http://www.youtube.com/curetour

And here is the latest email update. . . note at the bottom says Tim will be interviewed on Good Morning America this Friday. Check it out. . .

Latest news from the road!

Please help us spread the word! We want as many hits as possible on YouTube this week, so send the link to all of your friends, encourage them to watch the blogs and pass it on to their friends! www.youtube.com/curetour

Tim's mother, Kathy, joined the A-T CureTour and is having fun on the road with everyone. Tim said that she is definitely getting into the swing of things ... including forgetting what day it is and what city they are in! :-) She will be with them all week and will see him finish in New York.

Yesterday, Tim had a great run in Montclair, NJ, which is a beautiful town. He really enjoyed meeting host Jenny Jones (a volunteer with the A-TCP since she saw Brad Margus on the Rosie O'Donnell show several years ago) and board member John Feeley.

At Marine Corps Marathon in Washington, DC, Tim had a really interesting run. People asked to have a photos with him and told him they read about him in USA Today. A lot of runners couldn't believe their eyes when they saw him run past them toward the end of the marathon -- with a large carrier on his back saying that this was his 56th marathon in as many days! He passed at least 1,000 runners toward the end. Tim ran in record time for the A-T CureTour in 3:45! He enjoyed spending time with the Kindregan and Klein families.

Carlisle, PA (day 55) was the first day with nice weather in quite a while, so Tim ran without getting drenched with rain! Douglas Fickel's sisters Emma and Sam ran with Tim for his first five miles, and local Brownie troops met him along the way to cheer him on and bring him oranges and bananas. Later, Douglas, Alivia Steinfelt, and Caitlyn Tilghman were all pushed over the finish line in the Axiom Racers! Renate Klein and her family also came from Delaware to show their support.

In Williamsburg (day 54), Tim ran in downpours for the first hour and half of the run, but that didn't stop them from having a great time. A local running club ran relays with him, which was a lot of fun, and Tim really enjoyed seeing so much of the local history as they went through Jamestown. The Lewin family had Tim, Michelle and the kids to their house for breakfast that morning, and it was nice just to hang out for a while and spend time with Jimmy.

Greensboro (day 53) had a great turnout with the Erwin family, and the tailgate party was held at one of their Ham's Restaurants which was terrific. Chaz had a blast! A local cross country team ran with Tim.

In general, Tim is feeling great, but he is also looking forward to getting some much-needed rest. He thinks the kids are going to go through A-T CureTour withdrawal ... they will have to get back into a routine and won't have a daily party!

Don't forget ... Good Morning America is scheduled to run the story this Friday, Nov. 2.

NPR will be rescheduled and we will keep you posted.

To view the video blogs, read the news, or make a donation, visit ATCureTour.org.

So . . . What is your BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL for the Lord?

Be thinking about it this week as we come together on Sunday and consider that the church is "A People Serving."

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