Wednesday, November 21, 2007

motivation from George Whitefield

As we head into the Thanksgiving Holiday, so many from Grace scatter elsewhere around California and beyond. Many go to unbelieving extended families. May we be Gospel salt and light to whom the Lord sends us. Remember, we are A People Sent. So here are some great quotes from George Whitefield that remind us of these opportune times. Pray hard and be bold.

Whatever opportunity you have, do it vigorously, do it speedily, do not defer it. If you see one hurrying on to destruction, use the utmost of your endeavor to stop him in his course. Show him the need he has of repentance, and that without it he is lost forever. Do not regard his despising of you; still go on to show him his danger; and if your friends mock and despise, do not let that discourage you. Hold on, hold out to the end, so you shall have a crown which is immutable, and that fades not away.
Whitefield’s Sermons – "A Penitent Heart, the Best New Years Gift."

Consider, my dear brethren, that it was love for souls, that brought the blessed Jesus down from the bosom of His Father; that made Him, who was equal in power and glory, to come and take upon Him our nature; that caused the Lord of life to die the painful, ignominious, and accursed death of the cross. It was love to immortal souls that brought this blessed Jesus among us. And O that we might hence consider how great the value of souls was and is: it was that which made Jesus to bleed, pant, and die. And surely souls must be of infinite worth, which made the Lamb of God to die so shameful a death. And shall not this make you have a true value for souls? It is of the greatest worth: and this, this is the greatest charity, when it comes from love to God, and from love to souls. This will be a charity, the satisfaction of which will last to all eternity. O that this may make you have so much regard for the value of souls, as not to neglect all opportunities for the doing of them good: here is something worth having charity for, because they remain to all eternity. Therefore, let me earnestly beseech you both to consider the worth of immortal souls, and let your charity extend to them, that by your advice and admonition, you may be an instrument, in the hands of God, in bringing souls to the Lord Jesus.
Whitefield’s Sermons – "The Great Duty of Charity Recommended."
HT: Allen Peek

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