Tuesday, July 22, 2008

going global

I was encouraged during our prayer time on Tuesday morning as we prayed for all our short-termers scattered around the globe this week. . . .join us in praying for them. It is such a joy to be able to send and go for the cause of Christ around the globe.

  • Jenny Nelson July 25 to August 12 in Philippines serving at the Aeta Children’s Home
  • David Balderston July 13 to July 26 in Uganda counseling and aid to war-torn children
  • Ron & Cyndie Hamley July 10 to July 27 in Guatemala with International School Project (Biblical morals course taught to educators)
  • Jazmine Harvey July 8, 2008 to May, 2009 in Columbia teaching with Resource Christian Education International
  • Lee Shirey, Cami Grey and Bobby Cleath July 3 to August 15 in Romania working at a camp with underprivileged children
  • Mark Piester June 26 to July 25 in Russia working with locals to hold three summer camps for 126 orphan children
  • Jen Peet & Ben Matthias June 23 to August 7 in Middle East working to establish Campus Crusade evangelism team.
  • Arijaan Bulk, Ryan Cahill & Rose Valliere June 12 to August 9 in Santa Monica with Campus Crusade doing evangelism

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