Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Check out Pandora...Radio like you've never experienced it.

Tell me what you think.


Eric said...

I've been using it for a while now. It's quite nice and the rating system works pretty well. They've definitely improved it over time and I've finally trained it to stop sending me rap. Also, the selection of "Christian" artists has been expanding, but I like how it sends me a mix of both secular and Christian tunes based on how I've rated songs.

Brian Wong said...

Yeah I like it too. Nothing like non-stop music of your favorite genre all day long. I'm still not sure how they make money, though. I can't imagine that ads pay for everything.

I will admit that sometimes I feel like they repeat songs too often. I'm glad they have the skip and the option to not play for a month. I really look forward to using the iPhone app when I get an iPhone.

Ryan MacConnell said...

I loved using it while I was studying and the quality of the sound for a live stream always impressed me even when using wireless. Once you get it customized to your tastes it is great.