Monday, August 04, 2008

08.03.08 Financial Update

Todd Talley, our beloved Grace treasurer, gave an important financial update in our services yesterday. In the first hour, the summary slide didn't come up. I thought I'd post it here for your review . ..

The summer months are always a little lighter on the giving side, with folks coming and going on vacations. However, as you can see, the situation is a little bit more dramatic this year. In light of the larger national and local economic issues, the Financial Trustees are keeping a close watch on this issue. We are already running tight on our ministry expenditures, but cutting our budget or reducing our staff may, at some point, be necessary. Our goal is to communicate along the way, so that you the congregation are adequately informed, given an opportunity to respond, and there are no surprises.

We believe the Lord is faithful to provide what we need to accomplish what He's called us to do. He is Lord of the feast and Lord of the famine.

In the meantime, our challenge is to be faithful, consistent and cheerful in our giving to the work of God at Grace. Let's pray together for our ministry and for those struggling financially in our church family.

Drop myself ( or the Financial Trustees ( an email if you have questions or comments.

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