Saturday, August 30, 2008

an encouraging week

The Lord has seen fit to encourage my heart through His people this week by means of several significant notes and emails. Here's one from the parents of a pair of college students who have found a home at Grace . . .

Two of our kids have been going to Grace, 1 for 3 years, 1 for 1 year. Last Sunday we were visiting Grace when I realized that since Grace is where our kids have been getting their spiritual growth, it would only be proper to "tithe" there (1 Thess 5:12). This summer we have actually heard 3 of your sermons in Galatians (2 in Gal 3, 1 in Gal 5), and have found them to be very enlightening and encouraging. Our kids have also been involved in small groups, retreats, and a mission trip to Philippines. In fact, we feel that the Biblical education and spiritual application they are learning there is worth their room & board. What they learn at Cuesta and SLO may help determine their occupations, but what they learn at Grace (if all your sermons are as good as the ones we have heard) will help in all areas of their life and beyond.

Thank you for your commitment to God's Word and walking in the Spirit (see Galatians :)) and being there for our kids.

I agree . . . what God was doing in my life during my college years had very little to do with my business econ major.

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