Tuesday, November 11, 2008

2008 Super DWAP

In these uncertain times, we all need encouragement. Sometimes we don't know it. Sometimes we don't know where to find it.

This morning some of our staff shared how encouraging it was to be at the Super Dessert with a Purpose. They described not wanting to come, but wanting to stay home and enjoy a quiet Sunday evening, but then shared how encouraged they were after picking themselves up and getting there.

I had the same experience. My 3 older kids, surprisingly, wanted to be there (might have been the mention of "super desserts", but I'm not sure!). I'm so glad they were there.

This year's Super DWAP featured reports from 20 short term missionaries that Grace has had the privilege to send all over the world this last year. God is at work through our going and sending. What we are doing and money we are investing is bring water, care, education and, most important of all, the life changing Gospel of Jesus to folks in every continent.

I am humbled that God would see fit to involve our little church on the corner of Pismo and Osos to accomplish His global purposes.

Here's a list of all those missionaries. Click to enlarge and see clearly.

Here's a fun coloring map that was provided for the kids, showing all the places these folks have gone. Again, click to enlarge. . .

Here's a great article from John Piper, entitled "Holding the Rope." on developing a global vision for missions within the local church. I think we are making progress. . . .


Finally, check out the newly updated Sending area of our website, where you can meet our long term missionaries, click to the missions blog, meet our missions team and learn about upcoming DWAPs. . . .


Many thanks to Ron Hamley for jumping in and helping with the website.

There is a lot happening in the area of missions here at Grace. Many thanks to our faithful and diligent Missions Team for their hard work and leadership in this vital area.


Mama Mote said...

I like what Ron has done. We had our Growth Group on Sunday and we had already missed last week's because of the Baptism (which I was too sick to go after all). I know the DWAPs I've been to are very informative and it's fun to hear how God is ministering through those we send out. What a great investment!

Angela McElroy said...

Dear Pastor Tim,
I would like to thank you for your sermons and especially for Gospel in you Marriage sermons that you have been preaching for the last few Sundays. I cannot wait for Mondays to get online and listen to your sermon!! You may ask, "why Mondays"?... Well, the answer to is as simple as that: I live in Riga, Latvia. Actually I am in an "immigration exile" there with my almost a year and a half baby David. I hope to be reunited with my family, my husband Joseph and our 3-year-old daughter Rebekah in CA in January of 2010. In Riga I suffer for lack of spiritual food and your sermons are the HIGHLIGHT of my week!!! I thank God for you and your ministry in SLO!
P.S. I am grateful to my friend Eleonora Haber who told me about your church and your sermons online.

Tim said...


Thanks very much for logging in from the other side of the globe and encouraging my heart. I am humbled that you listening to Grace sermons way over in Latvia and humbled that Eleonora has referred us. I hope that our preaching of God's Word feeds your soul and encourages your heart. Keep listening and keep commenting. . . Tim