Thursday, November 13, 2008

parking survey results, listening survey invitation

So its been awhile, but here are the results of the parking survey. .

Where do you park on Sundays?

as close as I can -- 5 respondents (7%)
on the street, but not close, to allow parking for seniors and visitors -- 27 respondents (38%)
in one of the designated lots -- 20 respondents (28%)
in the parking structure -- 19 respondents (26%)

I was mildly encouraged by these numbers and, in particular, that 26% of Life Together readers are parking in the parking structure. Some of you log in with a comment and tell others how close and convenient it is. I wonder if these numbers hold for those who don't read life together. I'd love to see 50% of Sunday morning attendees park in the structure.

Just a reminder: We are currently not permitted to park in the Osos lot directly across the street from the church. I've heard recent reports of our folks parking in that lot. Let's be good neighbors by respecting those limits and refraining from parking in that lot. Even if we don't get caught or towed, its not right for us to park there.

The new survey is about how and if you listen to messages, if you miss attending on Sunday morning. Thanks for playing along and providing feedback.


Mama Mote said...

Let's try again.

1. I was thinking the same thing about parking in the lot. Aren't we supposed to submit to those in authority over us? Doing the right thing might mean walking a little farther, but it's a good thing and our neighbors do notice things like that whether you know it or not. I always find a place around the corner in the Hollister parking lot on the left, no matter what time I come.

2. As for the new survey, I usually pick up a CD when I miss so I can listen in the car. That's not part of your survey choices.

Anonymous said...

I download the podcasts. I listen to them on my ipod. It is difficult for me JUST to listen because I want to take notes.

Denene Klosterman