Thursday, January 29, 2009

how bad is it going to get?

Ripped my heart up today to speak with two in our congregation who have recently lost their jobs. It is news I am hearing on a weekly basis these days. I'm also hearing about hours reductions and pay cuts.

Where's this go? Where's the bottom? How much worse do things get?

And how do we weather this thing together? How do we be the body of Christ in these days in new and meaningful ways? How do we encourage and support one another through these trying times?

I have more questions than answers on this Thursday afternoon. . . .


Mama Mote said...

Makes me glad that Dan still has a job even though he travels to LA every week. The sad part about that, though, is either he will stay with it and we will have to leave SLO or leave the job and also be among the unemployed. How do you work this out?

Lara said...

Yep, the anxiety really hit me the other day for a moment. It's good to know that God is working this for good, but it's a scary time. Too many of my thoughts these days start with "What happens if...?"

Pops said...

Yep, it's scary out there. As with anything though, it's all about focus. Yes, the bills are coming due and it feels like a raging fire of economic tragedy is consuming everything around us.

I say we roast marshmallows! God is in control and His love drives out fear it says in 1 John 4. So panic is just fear on steroids and the cure is to focus on the love of God. What better way to do that than to hear about how much God must love us to create such intricate beauty. Keep it coming T-Dog. You're stoking the fire of God's love in me!

No fear can subsist
Encamped with a perfect love,
It shrinks from the fire.

A little haiku for the soul.