Wednesday, February 04, 2009


I was just re-reading yet again, C.S. Lewis' terrific essay, The Weight of Glory as I am preparing for Sunday and I came across this snippet in a sentence. . ..

. . . . poetry replaces grammar, gospel replaces law, longing transforms obedience, as gradually as the tide lifts a grounded ship.

That's a great description of the process of Christian growth. We don't see that tide rising, but it's rising. We often can't see the transformation and joy, while in the midst of struggle and drudgery, but something is happening. God causes the tide to rise. God causes our growth.

Your ship is not finally and ultimately grounded, though it might feel that way today.

Encouraged me today . . . .hoping it might encourage you. . . .


Jeff Martin said...

Very encouraging.

Thanks for sharing this. This was just the description we needed last night at G3. I will make sure to share it next week.

Thanks for the thoughts.

Janice Phillips said...

Definitely writing that down and sticking it somewhere I will read multiple times a day.