Tuesday, February 17, 2009


I'm fired up about our 2009 Missions Conference, a chance for us to again think about the big picture of what God is doing in the world and how He wants to use us. This year, our Missions Team is thinking out of the box and taking a fresh approach in hosting a 4 session NVision Conference, Friday and Saturday evenings, 6:30 - 9:00 PM, March, 6 & 7.

NVision is very much like the "crash course" of the Perspectives of the World Christian Movement Class, if you're familiar with that. Here's a short vid clip. . .

Anyway, admission is free, but we'd really like you to sign-up before hand either on a Sunday morning or online HERE. Hope you'll consider setting aside this weekend together with me.

I'm also looking forward to opening our 2009 Missions Conference on Sunday, March 1. As usual, many of our visiting missionaries will be joining Adult Bible Fellowships, Growth Groups and other happenings throughout the week. Let's love on these sacrificial friends as we have the opportunity.

See you there?

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Jacquelyn said...

I'm really excited about the missions conference this year. I can't wait to hear from the various missionaries about what God is doing and how we can participate.