Thursday, February 05, 2009


Great Men's Huddle the other night. So good for men to be together. So good for the "little men" to be with the "big men". So good for fathers to be with their sons and sons to be with their fathers. . . .

Can't wait for the next one. Here's some pics from our GraceSLO flickr site . . can you find my favorite?

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Mama Mote said...

The food looked amazing and you guys looked like you were just having a great time. Glad it all came together and that the "big" guys and the "little" guys could do this together. Who was that kid with the wide open mouth? :)

Irish Girl said...

Um, I'm guessing your favorite pic is of Zeke :) Well, that was mine anyway! Ken and the CP Mustang are a close 2nd :)
Miss everyone! Thanks for your faithfulness in praying for me out here!