Thursday, October 22, 2009

Baptism x 2

Did your jr high or high school student come home from the student ministries stuff last night talking about baptism? If not, ask them about it.

I had the joy of seeing a few Jr. Highers come popping out of the basement at around 8:45 last night. One told me the focus of the evening was baptism.

I said, "Well girls, what do you think?"
One of the girls said, "I want to the baptized."

I looked over at my Sage and she said, "I'm ready to be baptized, too, but I want to talk to Eden."

The story here is that my girls, Sage and Eden, put their faith in Christ together not long after we moved here 7 years ago. Sage knew that Eden would probably want to be baptized together if possible. They apparently have discussed it and are going to go for it.

Thrilled for my girls and their desire to obey the Lord and make public their faith.

Our next scheduled baptism is Sunday, November 22. A mandatory Instruction & Preparation Class will happen on Sundays, November 8 and 15.

Take the next step in your faith. Join my daughters and myself in the pool.


Mama Mote said...

That is so exciting, Tim, especially knowing your story. They've probably heard it enough to make sure they do it now. :) I would love to be there to see that - I remember when you were interviewed, and someone asked, basically, if you were going to stick around (I guess re: this job being a stepping stone, maybe?) and you said, "I'm going to marry my kids here." Did you think you would baptize them? Love it. Well, we will be there for Thanksgiving...maybe we'll take a quick trip up for baptism. love and miss you all

christine said...

Awesome... that's so exciting! And what a blessing to be able to baptize your own daughters!

Lindsey said...

awww I could cry! I love those girls like sisters. I'll be sure to come in to town for this.

lindsey said...

brings tears to my eyes! that's awesome!