Thursday, October 29, 2009

Unreached People Map Initiative

Maybe you missed our worship service on 10.18.09 where we introduced our Adopt-A-People Map initiative designed to help us identify an unreached people to adopt. Here's a clip of my interview with Tim Arlen, who is leading our Adopt-A-People Team. . . .

Here are those 3 questions we're asking you to answer. Think about them before hand and come ready to press those pins, so we can give as many people as possible a chance to participate. . .

  1. Where in the world is the most interesting place you have traveled?

  2. Other than in the US, in which countries do you have a personal friend?

  3. Thinking beyond SLO, which one or two places in the world would you support GraceSLO in reaching those who have no opportunity to hear the Gospel?
So far, in the first week, we've seen 86 people push pins. I'm encouraged by that. I'd like to see us at least triple that. So grab your pins!


Warwick & Jessica said...

I am very impressed with your map proposal for thinking about UPG's. I will be praying that God will lead you to the group He wants you and your church to adopt.
Sydney, Australia

Anonymous said...

Great idea.


Janice Phillips said...

Cool! I'd put pins in the following:

1. Southwest Romania
2. Ukraine, Bolivia, Ghana, Germany
3. China, India, Europe or wherever God calls people to serve and calls Grace to support them.

Jim and Ruth Overton said...

Wow, Tim and Tim I'm interested to hear about the places where Grace has been as we are asking the Lord to lead us to a people group where His Church has not yet been established. Warmly, Jim and Ruth Overton