Thursday, February 24, 2005

Congratulations to Kate & Travis Hasson

I'm discovering that blogs have all kinds of uses! How about New Baby Announcements here at Grace Church, SLO? Receieved this from Jim Jeffrey, one of our faithful elders. We rejoice with Grandparents, Jim & Donna Jeffrey, and Parents, Kate & Travis.

Hi, everyone!

We're grandparents! Kate delivered last night at 11:23PM (23:23 on the 23rd!). Her name is Suzannah Grace, and she is 8lb. 1oz.

Thanks so much for your prayers, and excitement. Donna and I love you all, and are so happy to have you as family! . . .

With thanks for you!


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The Bowens said...

Aha - yet another use for your Blogs, Tim! A great way for those who have moved away to keep their fingers on the pulse of the Church Family they still love!

Congratulations to Tim and Kate, Jim and Donna, and of course to baby Suzannah - God has chosen a wonderful family for her. Blessings on you all. Much love from Calgary!