Monday, February 28, 2005

Why I Blog . . . and why other Pastors should too!

Ok, I have been thinking a lot about this blogging thing. I have been encouraged by the many at Grace and beyond who have found my blog in just a short week and a half. It's made me think, "Why am I doing this?" Here are five reasons I have come up with so far. . . .

1. Inreach: This was my original aim. I thought blogging could be another way to connect to the Grace Church, SLO family. Its working. Blogging has allowed me to reach into the congregation and connect with some I haven't before. I'm encouraged by this and excited about the potential. I want to encourage more posting by those who are logging on. Share your thoughts and reactions. My posts are meant to be conversation starters. A conversation goes two ways. Let's explore, contemplate and pursue about what it means to live "life together" in Jesus Christ.

2. Outreach: Beyond the Grace community, I see blogging as a way to connect to the broader community on the Central Coast and the broader internet community throughout the world. The blogoshere is definitely a weird thing. Other blogs know when you link to them. (I discovered this last week, when I mentioned Stones Cry Out with a link. The same day, Stones Cry Out linked to my blog. Blew me away!) From what I can tell so far, there aren't tons of bloggers on the Central Coast, but I think there should be. Start your own blog. Shout out to other Central Coast Pastors: Start blogging!

3. Outlet: As a Pastor giving leadership to a growing church, there is all kinds of information that I would like to share, but till now, I had no regular easy way to communicate it Blogging has given me an outlet and channel for that information. For those who attend Grace, you know that I am always tucking stuff into the benediction at the end of our worship services. Think of my blog as a "Virtual Benediction."

4. Exercise: Mental jumping jacks. Consistent blogging forces me to THINK. Thinking is good. What am I going to post next? What does the congregation need to know? What am I thinking about in the back of my head? In this way, blogging is sort of a jounal and stream of consciousness. Hopefully a useful one for you. Blogging is a good discipline for me.

5. Engagement: There's a big worldwide conversation happening here on the internet. The conversation is an expression of culture and multiple worldviews. As Christians, I believe we are called to engage culture, to enter into the conversation. Blogging is one of the many ways to engage the culture. Jesus said in Matthew 5:13-16 "You are the salt of the earth. . . You are the light of the world. . . Let your light shine before men, in such a way, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Blogging is one way to let my light shine.

As always, I welcome your thoughts and comments. . . Pastor Tim


Phillip Moses said...

I've been enjoying your efforts here in cyberspace. I agree that it has been a good way to feel more connected to the leadership at Grace.

From a lowly parishoner's point of view, it is exciting for me to get a glimpse into his pastor's head on a daily basis. Our church is big (and getting bigger) and I am excited to see how this online forum will continue to grow.

Keep up the posts!

Mark said...

I like your blog, but alot is spelled a lot


Carson said...

I agree. I've been blogging awhile and find it an important discipline for myself as well as a way to communicate with others what I'm learning and exploring.


XBIP said...

Blow Away! I wish I could get my pastor to blog. He and the church are very cautious about their image.

XBIP said...

Oops! That should have been Blog Away!

Mark Daniels said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I will bookmark your site and be coming back.

It makes me particularly happy to note your use of Dietrich Bonhoeffer's book title as the name of your blog.

God bless!

Scott said...

Tim, Thanks for recommending and modeling a 'culture' of communication at our church, I think that Christ will be glorified by us knitting our lives together even if part of the knitting happens in cyberspace.

Chad said...

Great modeling of communication Tim. Insipired as usual by you.

Signed...your brother in Carlsbad (Chad)

Josh Mock said...

Your blog is definitely a great tool for people like me, regular Internet users, to get to know you as a pastor and person much better. In such a large church atmosphere, it is far too easy for a pastor to seem distant and inaccessible, and a blog definitely will help bring you closer to many of us.

On a side note, you will find that there are more bloggers than you realize. It is very hard to keep track, considering that there are several blogger communities online. I know of several members of our congregation, mostly in their teens or 20's, myself included, that blog regularly.