Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Piper & Gallup: A Surprise Endorsement for Doctrine

Randy Alcorn was great a couple of weeks back. My vision is that Grace would become a bastion of expository/biblical teaching on the Central Coast. I would love to get John Piper out here sometime down the road. Steve Potratz, the man with all the connections, says he can pull it off. Go Steve! I love just about everything that comes from Piper's pen. Here's a recent Fresh Words post that I thought was encouraging, entitled "A Surprise Endorsement for Doctrine". Read and enjoy! -- Pastor Tim


Vera Gilpin said...

Besides learning from Pastor Tim's sermons, I find that my Growth Group is another great way to bring more Doctrine into my life --to deeply study the Word together and share how we apply it in our daily lives, EVERY day.

Scott said...

I agree, let's get Piper out here. I think that people would love to hear from him.