Monday, May 16, 2005

Little Voices Singing to the Lord

I, for one, am very excited about the emergence of two new Children's Choirs at Grace this Fall. I give thanks to God for His raising up of folks who can give leadership to these new expressions of ministry. Here's a little something from the Children's Ministry Spring Newsletter that gives a few details.

Yes! It is finally coming back to Grace! The sweet, sweet sound of children’s voices lifted up in praise to our Loving Savior! Children in grades first through eighth will have a chance to sign up this August to begin singing in choir.

There will be a 1st-3rd grade choir called “Joyful Noise” and a 4th-6th grade choir called “His Image” beginning September 4th, 2005. Each student who signs up will commit to a full session (8-12 weeks). At the end of the session, the choir will perform in the sanctuary and will learn to help lead in worship. The student can choose to sign up again for another session or stop their choir commitment at the end of each session. More details will be coming this summer!

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Brian Wong said...

Awesome. I remember doing that when I was little. It will certainly be a joy to hear the traditions of my youth passed on to the next generation. I'm definitely glad to hear that God has laid it on people's hearts to give life to this ministry.