Monday, May 09, 2005

Patricia Heaton in Life Mag

Did you happen to see the Patricia Heaton interview entitled "Everybody Loves Mom" in last weekend's edition of LIFE Magazine? Heaton, the 47 year old mother from the hit show Everybody Loves Raymond, talks about her experience as a mother of four boys and an actress in Hollywood, but she also gives a great confession of faith in the interview. The article doesn't seem to be available on the internet, so here's an excerpt:

LIFE: Has faith always been a part of your life?

HEATON: I was raised Catholic and I'm a Presbyterian now, but I've always been a Christian, regardless of denomination. I believe Jesus is the way. So, of course, I pass that on to my kids.

LIFE: How does your faith influence your dreams for your kids?

HEATON: My goal is not. . . .that they should achieve a certain amount of fame or financial success or even worldy success. It's not that I don't think education is important, its just that you could be a very educated person and be soulless. Whatever they end up choosing to do, my goal from them is that they know God in their life. The only way to know who you are is to know the one who made you. That's my hope.

Good for Heaton and good for LIFE for not trimming this part of the interview.

Knowledge of God and knowledge of self are inseparable! I so wanted to quote this interview in yesterday's sermon, Heaven & the Home, but there just wasn't space or time.

Personal note: I think I have only seen Everybody Loves Raymond once or twice, but thought it was funny. (This is not an endorsement!) I think I enjoyed it because Heaton plays Raymond's spunky wife and I happened to be married to my own spunky wife!

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The Bernards Family said...

Thanks, Tim for the TIME snip-it. I included it in the newsletter as an encouragement to the women in our MOPS group.
Hope you are all doing well and that Susie is feeling healthy.