Tuesday, July 12, 2005

07.10.05 Message Now Posted!

Sunday was pretty huge. We rolled out new Pew Bibles. . . finally. . . . but also cast the vision for a move to 3 worship services this Fall beginning Sunday, September 25. All this and we still managed to hear a Mexico report from Dan Woods, learn about the Parables of the Mustard Seed and the Leaven from Matthew 13:31-33, and share the Lord's Table together.

(And you wondered why we went a few minutes over on Sunday. . . . ok, 8-12 minutes over.)

If you were around on Sunday, what did you think of all this? Where are you at on the 3 service thing? Do you get it? Are you ready? Any questions? And what did you think about the Pew Bibles and those snazzy book marks? (It's the little things that fire me up!) Leave a comment and some feedback.

Based on all the tabs we collected, I'm encouraged to know I'm not going to be alone at 8:00 A.M.! Actually, I was quite encouraged by the many who expressed a willingness to commit to the early service. If you missed it, the insert will be included in the worship folder the next few weeks and we still would love to get your feedback via the tab.

Anyway, the message is now posted in all the usual places. If you missed it, catch up! We want you with us. If you're from outside of the area, thanks for coming by. Listen along!

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Andy Gibson said...

Bummer. Jeannett and I we're out of town this weekend for a wedding she was in, but I would have loved to hear some more about the 3 service thing. Anything that can be presented to me to clarify it, understand it..the better. Looks like I'll be downloading and burning this weeks bad boy to CD and listening on the way to work!