Thursday, July 28, 2005

Digging Out!

Whew! A few of you have asked if I am abandoning Life Together and why am I not posting. . . . .the thought of abandonment has crossed my mind, but that's not going to happen. I am still "digging out" from my vacation time away. We had a great getaway as a family. Lots of swimming and just fantastic family time. I read a number of interesting books that I am eager to share with you. . . . another time.

But it's true. . . .you pay for it on the front end and you pay for it on the back end. Does it happen to you too?

We got home on Saturday afternoon, unpacked the car, but had to be at a long standing Pre-Family Conference Dinner an hour later. Sunday was an 18 hour day. Don't ask me why, it just was. And then the Family Conference was in full swing until Tuesday evening.

BTW, what an extraordinary conference. The audio and notes have already been posted in all the usual places. Several of you have asked if my elective seminar, "Simple Family Devotions," was recorded. It was, but we are working to clean up the audio just a bit before posting it on the website. I think the handouts have been posted already. If you missed the Conference, I want to encourage you to take the time to sit down and listen to this excellent, practical teaching straight from God's Word. Thanks to all you who helped put together such a quality Conference. Many thanks, especially, to Dori Iunker, our Children's Ministry Director for her tireless work and diligent planning.

Anyway, the reality is . . . . .this job is never done and it's not getting any smaller. The Church is the place that never closes. Grace is a big place and getting bigger. It wouldn't be right to close the doors, now would it. May God give grace, wisdom, rest and balance to me and to us in these exciting days.

I am eager to finish out Matthew 13 this week with a message entitled, "Fakers, Followers and Fools." Take a look at Matthew 13:47-58 and see if you can figure out the title. I am looking forward to worshipping together with you this Lord's Day Morning! . . . .Pastor Tim


Anonymous said...

Can you elucidate on your comment about abandoning Life Together? Why has that thought crossed your mind? I thought your previously stated dream/vision was to see more pastors on the central coast blogging. How does that happen when the one doing the prompting to start blogging is considering the cessation of his own blog?

Andy Gibson said...

I think he was being sarcastic? :)

Phillip Moses said...

Every worthwhile effort takes discipline, commitment and - most valuable - time. For all of these reasons, most worthwhile efforts pursued by man are abandoned.

It is unreasonable to expect our pastor to not be tempted to throw in the towel every now and then. Fortunately, he hasn't stopped and, if anything, is continuing a great example of faithfulness to what I believe is a very effective ministry.

Keep up the good work, Tim! The bigger and busier the church gets, the more difficult it will become for each of your sheep to have a personal connection to their shepherd.

Your blog is the "great equalizer." It gives new members in our church access to your personal thoughts, opinions and struggles. Your transparency helps us all get to know you better, and the medium of a blog provides an opportunity for conversation withing the greater church at large. All of this is essential to promote a strong sense of family.

Keep up the good work! (Now I feel guilty... it's time for me to post something on the college ministry blog...)

bryan said...

wow, "elucidate" i actually had to look that one up on as i analyze tim's statements in the post i feel that there is something far deeper, i'm talkin way back in his past, maybe even another life that is coming to the surface in the form of "abandoning life together" and checking out of the blogiverse. tim, hang in ther buddy, you can recover from family vacation.....i did!

i'm just kiddin on all the above blog humor! Tim it's great to see ya back. I hope you had a great vacation and i look forward to catching up with you on life.