Tuesday, July 12, 2005

2005 Family Conference just a week away. . .

Here's an email you should receive shortly, if you are on our BIG email list. . . . . It's coming soon. Hope you're going to be there. . . .

Beloved Grace Family,

Have you signed up for the 2005 Family Conference yet? Do you realize there are 16 unique and fun elective seminars for adults and kids of all ages? Do you realize it's just a week and a half away on July 24-26? Do you realize that this Sunday is the last day to sign-up your family? Do you realize it's not just for "young families" but for the whole "Grace Family?"

This year, Pastor/Teacher Dan Haakenson from Valley Evangelical Free Church will be addressing "Keys to Communication: Practicing the Principles of the Proverbs." The book of proverbs has lots to say about the whole area of communication. And who of us, couldn't use a tune-up on our communication skills . . . . . with friends, our spouse, or our kids? I'm eager to hear Dan open God's Word for us! The kids will have a great time with Terry Kohlenberg again this year. (My kids sing along to Terry's CD all the time!)

Summer is nuts and these things always seem to sneak up on our family. I bet the same is true with yours. In case you weren't around last Sunday or plan to be gone this Sunday, I wanted to remind you of this Sunday's registration deadline and urge you to register then or even now via email or by calling Dori at the church office. It's also not too late to invite friends and family who might not come to church on Sunday, but might be open to something like this.

I am looking forward to it and hope you'll consider joining us for these three valuable nights. . . . . .whether you are newly married, not yet married, never been married, once married, or married for 50 or more years. . . whether you're hoping for children, expecting your 1st child or your 8th, of if your children are having children of their own. . . . I hope you can join us.

You can find a copy of our 2005 Family Conference Brochure for your review and consideration on our website. Click here... Grace Church, San Luis Obispo. You also will receive a copy in this week's worship folder. See you then. . . .

Because of the Gospel . . . . Pastor Tim

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