Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Another Great Sunday Together

Sunday was great.

In the morning, we looked at Matthew 16:18 where Jesus says, "I will build my church!" Message is posted in all the usual places. Use the links at right to listen.

The 1st Annual High School / College Turkey Bowl happened in the afternoon. Great turnout and great games I heard. I also heard something about Pastor Steve (or P. Steve as he's called) getting dragged through the mud. Anyone got any pictures?

That evening was our Thanksgathering Dinner. A good time of food and fellowship, singing and sharing, where we opened things up with the roving mics and gave folks the opportunity to give God the glory and encourage one another for the many ways that God is at work in our midst. Many thanks to all who made the evening possible. If you missed you missed out. Be sure to sign up early next year!

So, following up on the evening and for those who missed it or were afraid to share, where is God at work at Grace? Take some time to reflect and leave a comment to encourage others.


Jeff Martin said...

The McBryde family was happy to shake your hand Sunday. They keep coming even though they seem to be self professed on the fence types or what TJ refers to as "on the bubble"...? Whatever.

The challenging part is during a quick interoffice meeting(remember I work with him), he began to tell me that his vote was JESUS and not PETER. What? At the moment, I haven't even pondered the sermon on Monday and was not even ready to discuss even though I'm in your court on this. TJ changed his mind the next day to the APOSTLES.

What does all this mean. Don't know. But I enjoy hearing and discussing the sermon with this so called "on the bubble" type.

Also, sharing something with you since nobody has been blogin lately!!!

God Bless and enjoy your time down south. The HAWK is one strapping little man. What did you feed him? The short fat guy - great fun:)

jslobike23 said...

Pastor Tim,
Well, now that I have more of an outsiders perspective (and I mean way outside!) I definately can see how God is working at Grace! Just hearing from Anna and my family about how the church is growing is amazing and very encouraging. God is definately working in the growth groups, involving people and making them feel a part of the body. I can't wait to jump back in!!


Yvonne Porterfield said...

I am a podcast listener from the Bay area. All I can say is I wish your church was driving distance for Sunday attendance. For now I will try to be content listening on my iPod.

Jeannett Gibson said...

Welcome Yvonne! Wish you could be here for "real" church! That's so exciting that we have a remote member!