Wednesday, November 30, 2005


We got back into SLO late Tuesday night. Here are some random thoughts at the tail end of this ReEntry work day:

• Joe, in your earlier comment, you were right about the train. We had an hour delay coming home. Drag. But still overall very worth it! Andy and Jeanette, can you believe it, there's a potty on the train! I agree with Tom, Andy, kids are going to rock your world.

• There are "vacations" and there are "visits." I was expecting a visit, but it was kind of a mix. I felt like I really got to relax. The cousins all loved being together. Priceless.

• Somehow, I got to watch a whole day of football. I don't think I've ever done that before. I listened to the Cal Poly game over internet, while I watched Texas State and New Hampshire games. Cal Poly rolls on. Nationally televised game this Saturday on ESPN2 at 1:00 PM. Are Larry Iunker and I the only people who care?

• The Lion exhibit at the Wild Animal Park in Escondido is pretty cool. We hung out Sunday afternoon about 4:00 while huge lions walked back and forth just on the other side of the thick glass, not more than an 6 inches away. Of course, I'm thinking of Aslan. Anybody else been?

• I heard Pastor Steve did a great job filling in on Sunday. I had a chance to attend services at Emmanuel Faith Church in Escondido. It's always valuable to get out of my own little box and see what others are doing. There is more than one way to do church. . . .though I really like the way we do it!

• I have a harder time re-entering than I do exiting. I guess that means maybe I'm not really as driven as everyone thinks I am.

• This is a big job. Who's sufficient for these things? Lord, lead Grace where she needs to go! Build your church! Use weak, inept, over-my-head me. I always feel this way after a week away.

• This week we're sliding over to the Gospel of Luke and putting ourselves in the story of Christmas together. Hope you're going to be there!


Andy Gibson said...

Kids...yeah, we'll, what can I say.

Where are you watching the game Saturday? I watched it on Saturday on KSBY, and I do care. After going to Poly for 5 years with a crappy team, I'm due for this.

Now basketball just needs to turn it around. Didn't football get better when they fired the coach?

Enough Poly sports talk courtesy of me...this is a church blog, right?

bryan said...

Tim, glad your back!

Andy Gibson said...


Anybody out there?!?!