Monday, March 06, 2006

life is messy. . . "life together" is messy

I resist the urge to try and offer answers to all the questions that are raised in the comments section at "life together." I resist the urge to rush in and make peace between folks who respectfully disagree. Sometimes things do indeed get a little heated.

I confess it's not always easy for me.

But I've decided I like the messiness of "life together" . . . the loose ends, the dialogue, the unanswered questions, the squabbling between brothers and sisters. Real life is just like this. . . messy! I hope you embrace the messiness with me.

Let's think hard, be straight-up with one another, keep sharing our thoughts and lives, but work hard to love and respect one another with Gospel grace.

Hope you're having a good Monday!


Andy Gibson said...

I wouldn't call it messy, but I'll agree with's real and I love it.

Although, there are some questions I would love to have answered and I say bad things about you the next Sunday when you don't answer them. Just kidding. And you should never feel the urge to make peace. We're mostly adults and should have the capability to hold our own ground and present decent arguments, although some of us PC our way out of presenting logic.

I'm glad you started this blog just over a year ago and share your inner thoughts with us. It has heightened my church experience, and enabled me to learn a bit more than I do just on Sunday morning. That, and I love a tech oriented church, which this is a part of. I love the squabble, I love the realism, the emotion, the passion, the sharing, the denseness, the hardness, and even the idiots.

Let's keep it up!

Oh, and my Monday sucks.

Suzette Lyons said...

My Monday is a bit blue. Today I had to go to the dentist for a filing in my front tooth. What kept me in the chair was the thought that I was so lucky because if I lived in the Ukraine there would be no novocain. Praise God for novocain.

We have been learning to love the messiness of life at our house. We have small children and older children and now Grandma and Grandpa (my parents) are living at our house. My Grandmother died a week before the women’s conference and now my mother-in-law is dying. Our lives are crazy and God has a good plan in it all. What a comfort it is to know that.

God has a plan for all of us a Grace too. I am just glad that we don’t all have to live in the same house. I don’t like to share my bathroom with too many people.

Jeannett Gibson said...

The blog gets brought up in Growth Group a lot since 2/3 of our members are regular posters, and we talked about this "realness" and how refreshing it is. I find that too often people come to church Sunday morning freshly ironed, smiles pasted on, and "oh, we're fine!" all around. I would so much prefer for people to feel that Grace is their home and family, and that if that means that they are a wreck, so be it. While I don't think that people need to stand up at the service and announce their impending divorce, it made me sad to hear that Tim and the Elders hear of strife and marital discord, yet, if you look all around you, you would think we were all picture perfect. How are we to love and comfort and pray for one another if we aren't "messy"? I desire to pray for and do what I can do help those in our church body, but if no one opens up to one another, how can I do that? Prayer is so powerful, but only if we know to do it.

I love the messiness, I love the openess...because again, if we are to truly be brothers/sisters in Christ, we need to start acting like it! How many siblings do YOU know that get along without messiness?? Let's all not take any of this personally, but enjoy the lively conversation, the different ways of thinking, and try to glean as much from one another as we can. This is what makes a dynamic relationship, so let's keep it up!

(And Suzette, your post was so cute, it made me smile!)