Monday, April 03, 2006

Two Promotions

Pastor Ken's father entered the presence of the Lord early last week. In all the madness yesterday, we forgot to mention it. Ken's dad was a really neat guy, from what I understand. Give Ken a hug when you see him.

Our dear Rossye Wiles was also promoted to heaven yesterday afternoon. Memorial Services are still pending and are planned for the end of April. We'll keep you posted.

Rossye was our passionate pencil sharpener and pew rack maintainer. For countless years, she showed up each Monday morning to fulfill her unique and valued of ministry of making sure our worship space was neat, tidy and re-stocked. She never missed a Monday unless she was flat on her back.

Rossye was one of "the Leroy Persson generation" folks I mentioned yesterday. I had a chance to see her in the hospital a week or so ago. She couldn't stop talking or smiling. She was ready to go!

Someone reflected accurately. . . "Rossye gets to celebrate Easter in heaven." Lucky Lady!


Gordon Wong said...


I was going over the questions from the small groups and i thought the most challenging thing for Grace is truly DEPENDENCE on God. The passing of Rossye is a good reminder of our dependence. Though her work was small, and 'not in the limelight' - her work will be missed. Who can replace her? Will there be someone to replace her?

How can you replace the saints of Grace?

It might be easy to say, "Surely we can get someone to sharpen pencils and keep the worship tidy." One might was well said, "Surely, there can be another Spurgeon."

I remembered the great story of Spurgeon telling a dream. He said he went to heaven, and saw two crowns waiting him. One was massive, and the other was modest. As he approached the crowns, he asked the Lord pointing the larger crown, "Lord, is that one mine?"

The Lord replied, "Nope, the smaller one is yours."

"Oh" replied Spurgeon, "Then who gets the BIG crown?"

The Lord smiled, "The little old lady who prayed for you every Sunday - must people didn't notice her...she sat in the back of the church."


Somehow, I think Rossye has a honkin' big crown on her head....

Tom Ramler said...

I will miss her smile and tap on the shoulder when we sat in the right rear of the sanctuary.

The more of my friends who cross over to the other side, the less interested I am in staying here.