Monday, March 31, 2008

Don't Waste Your Life on the Central Coast

It was an amazing weekend! Such a blessing to have John Piper in our own backyard. Piper clearly is one of a kind. I know many were impacted by the intensive, compacted, challenging Biblical teaching. I know that there was some great sharing that happened in the 2:42 Adult Bible Fellowship yesterday morning that came out of the conference. I'd love to hear some more sharing here. . .

Sunday evening, I thought, was totally different than Friday night and Saturday . . . a no holds barred call to missions, based on John 10:16 and rooted in the sovereign saving grace of God. I'm guessing it was a shock to a few. How about you?

I do think there was something special and powerful about being there live with 1200 others, but if you missed it, couldn't get tickets, were out of town, or just couldn't make it for some reason, you can listen to the audio right here. How cool is that?

The Essence of the Unwasted Life

The Orgin of the Unwasted Life

The Appearance of the Unwasted Life, Part 1

The Appearance of the Unwasted Life, Part 2

Other Sheep That Are Not of This Fold (Sunday Night)


Steve Potratz said...

What an incredible weekend. You can WATCH the entire event including Sunday night. All the video will be posted on within the next two days.

Kate said...

Travis and I loved the conference and have come away refreshed and rejoicing in our priviledge of living to serve the Lamb Who Was Slain. Last night we were able to listen to the Sunday night's recording. Amazing and so right on. I love how he says it as it is. People need the gospel, God tells us to bring it to them, and we must obey. Oh, that we would all have a heart of obedience and love for living passionately. Let's go! Go to our family, our friends, our neighborhoods, our schools, our work, and all the ethnicities of the world!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pastor Tim – just wanted to thank you again for being apart of inviting John Piper to minister to us. The conference was powerful and impacted me very much. I pray that in the end I never say, “I’ve wasted it!”

-Deanna Peek