Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Saturday before Sunday

We had a good Easter here at Grace. We skipped a rock across Galatians and looked at three "Resurrection Reverberations."

Our attendance was actually slightly down compared to last year. It surprised our staff, since our attendance has been up a bit throughout the year. Not sure why that was . . .

All weekend, on the homefront, we had a house full of family. It's so fun, but does add a dimension for me. On Saturday, some of my kids and some of the cousins headed out to the Los Osos Skatepark.

I sat watching and coaching the kids for a while, but then couldn't stand it any longer. I spotted that the attendant had a skateboard lying around and I asked if I could ride it. He said, "Sure! And I've got some pads you can borrow, too." So I grabbed my daughter's helmet and went for it.

It's been a long, long time. It was so much fun and a great little diversion the Saturday before a big Easter Sunday. Comes back pretty quick and I didn't even break anything!

I think my kids and their cousins got a kick out of the fact that their 40 year old dad/uncle was out there skating with them. So, now I'm jonesing for my own skateboard and gear. Sage says, "Maybe for Father's Day, Dad!" That's what I'm talking about!

5 year old Zeke. . . he was dropping in by the end of the session

11 year old Sage. . . she was dropping in, too

Dad, finding the old groove and feeling it

Sage, Austen Nelson, Dad, Zeke and Alija

We all can't wait to go back. . .

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Brian Wong said...

Honestly, the fascinating thing to me is that you can fit your daughter's helmet. :-) haha And since Sage obviously has a white helmet, I have to wonder whether your wearing Eden's. Hmmm...

Looks like you had fun though. Glad to know my pastor still knows how to kick it :-)