Saturday, March 15, 2008

I'm in!

The cycling crew has talked me into racing in the cross country mountain biking race at the Sea Otter Classic on Friday, April 18. Susie has graciously given me the hall pass. I'll be racing in the 40-44 beginner class, which happens to be the largest class of the weekend. Other guys trying to come to grips with aging, I guess!

Other racers from Grace that I know of:

For sures: Chad Theule, Mark Ernstrom, Sean Cheney, Ben Collins, David Leece (road)
Possibles: Jeff Martin, Jason Evangelista, Paul Evangelista

Never done anything like this. Chad's got me on quite the training regimen. About a month to go. Should be fun.

Anybody else racing?


Brian Wong said...

What's the Sea Otter Classic?

Robbin said...

How fun for you! I'm hoping to start riding a bike again. Would be good for my health and good for savings in gas. Maybe next year I'll join the race. Haha.

Suzette said...

For info see the web site at:

Anna was in that last year. Not sure if she has signed up this year. They do a pre-race where you get to practice on the course. I think that really helps. Any way Anna got third in her class last year (she was in first until she had some awful crash). Ask her about it.

see her results at:

Sea Otter MTB Cross Country
XC Sport 19-24 Female

MTB Cross Country - XC Female Categories - XC Sport 19-24 Female