Monday, December 29, 2008

encourage another . . . share a 2008 highlght

Heads up. . . . we are heading out for our family's annual January vacation where we'll see some family in Escondido for a few days on our way to camping in Cardiff by the Sea. Posting will be spotty, if at all, through January 11. Appreciate your prayers for our family as we connect and renew and have some fun.

One of the things we'll do is look back on the year past and look ahead to the year upon us. It's always a valuable exercise to reflect and give thanks for God's blessings and look ahead toward goals and dreams.

I'd love to have some of you share 2008 highlights right here at Life Together. What are some of your highlights of our year together as the body of Christ at Grace? What are some of the highlights of your personal and family life?

I'll share 3 quick highlights that come to my mind on this afternoon:

  1. Square Dancing at Grace Summer Nights: I enjoyed square dancing with my wife and daughters. I remember so many folks remarking, "I've been waiting for Grace to allow something like this." It was a good ole' evening of fun and fellowship together.

  2. Early Childhood Center & Founder's Hall Dedication in September: While financial giving toward the project is still ongoing, it was very gratifying to see that building remodel go from concept to completion. As a pastor, it was my first project of this kind and my first building dedication service. I'll remember for a long time throwing open those doors and singing "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" as we entered the space for the first time.

  3. Christmas Caroling 2008: This was perhap, for me, the most fun and meaningful event of the entire year. It was delightful to watch my children and others give away the Gospel to shut-ins and at homes of the elderly. It was a unique joy to see 200+ of us converge on the downtown steps by Peets and unashamedly sing the grace of God to our community. Even the casual and relaxed pizza and fellowship afterward was a highlight. It was such a neat chance to turn Christmas outward.
So what are your highlights, or perhaps even a favorite message?


Joanie said...

My highlights pertain to our incredible Sunday School Teachers. Mrs. Ronda taught the three year olds the story of Elizabeth, Mary's cousin. The story made such an impression on my oldest that she named her dolls and stuffed animals Elizabeth after that. Then one day she told us that Elizabeth "had a baby after a long time." They are understanding! Way to Go Mrs. Ronda!!

More recently, we've been so proud to hear her first Bible verse being said around the house. "Glory to God in the highest..." She even said, "Hey, that's my verse!" when she heard it on Veggie Tales. Many heartfelt thanks to Mrs. DeBlauw for teaching our little "angels" and directing them in the pageant. No small task.

Tim Weaver said...

I thought that the serve day was one of Grace Church's shining moments this year because it was not about us.

Tim said...

Joanie and Tim. . . thanks for your comments. You ENCOURAGED me.

I admit I am DISCOURAGED that a few more didn't take the time to leave highlight comments. Not sure what that means, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

I, too, loved Serve Day. Its happening again in 2009. Stay tuned...