Friday, December 26, 2008

thank you

Our treasurer, Todd Talley, sent this sobering and sad Wall Street Journal article to our Financial Trustees about the uptick in church property foreclosures across the country. . . .

As we come to the last Sunday of the calendar year and your last chance to give for a 2008 tax deduction, this article made me, once again, thankful for your faithful giving to the work of the Lord here at Grace.

In these tough financial times, while still behind our 2008/2009 budget, we are neck and neck with our giving last year at this time. It's really quite astounding to me.

Since, unlike last year, we are fully staffed this year, we still are expecting to make budget adjustments and cuts, perhaps as soon as January (stay tuned, we'll keep you posted!), but these will be minimal compared to what would be required if we had seen a huge giving decline.

The Lord has been good. You have been faithful. Thank you.

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